Hey stranger, looks like something went terribly wrong in your life, and you landed on this website. But since you’re here, I’m just going to talk a little about myself: I’m an independent Creative Director and Filmmaker based in New York. I’m Portuguese, was born in Germany and have been living in the US since 2013. I strive to create meaningful projects that positively impact people’s lives. I’ve worked for places including Wieden+Kennedy, Droga5, VICELAND, Anomaly, Mother and many others. Someone also thought it was a good idea to let me teach at Miami Ad School and Berghs School of Communication. My work has won some shiny trophies, was exhibited at the International Center of Photography and featured on ABC News, The Guardian, Mashable, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. I'm obsessed with people, their quirks, passions, and dreams. The weirder, the better.

VISA - Samba of the world (World Cup 2014)

- Agency: AKQA - Creative Directors: Hugo Veiga, Diego Machado - Art Directors: Daniel Soares, Cloves Menezes, Tim McCracken - Copywriter: Josh Kobrin -

VISA asked us to create their campaign for the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil. Instead of creating a million dollar commercial, we decided to split the budget and partnered with 32 filmmakers from the 32 qualified countries, gave each a Visa Credit Card with the same value and asked them to interpret the same script through the lens of their country. Each film pays tribute to the hosts by re-imagining the great song ‘Samba da Bahia’. The result is a fan’s anthem to the greatest of sports passions. An anthem that we featured on an interactive website where the user could intuitively jump from one movie to another.

Agency: AKQA