Hey stranger, looks like something went terribly wrong in your life, and you landed on this website. But since you’re here, I’m just going to talk a little about myself: I’m an independent Creative Director and Filmmaker based in New York. I’m Portuguese, was born in Germany and have been living in the US since 2013. I strive to create meaningful projects that positively impact people’s lives. I’ve worked for places including Wieden+Kennedy, Droga5, VICELAND, Anomaly, Mother and many others. Someone also thought it was a good idea to let me teach at Miami Ad School and Berghs School of Communication. My work has won some shiny trophies, was exhibited at the International Center of Photography and featured on ABC News, The Guardian, Mashable, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. I'm obsessed with people, their quirks, passions, and dreams. The weirder, the better.

Gun Crazy - States United to Prevent Gun Violence

Agency: Grey NY  - ECD: Rob Lenois, Rob Perillo -   GCD: João Coutinho, Marco Pupo   Art Director: Daniel Soares, Roy Torres -  Copywriter: Andre Bittar, Brian Eilbott -

Despite the fact that over 32,000 Americans die from gun violence every year, America still can’t seem to get enough of the latest Hollywood shoot’em-up thriller. So how could we make people realize the reality of exactly what they are salivating over? We made a movie and launched it as the latest big-budget gun-filled blockbuster. To generate excitement around the film, we created posters, a website and an official trailer. Fans were expecting another movie filled with guns, but this time the violence and death were real. The cast? Chosen from the 32,000 Americans killed by guns every year.

Agency: Grey New York